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The Twenty-Four Hour Extravaganza

the captain andyDescription: This trip will last for one full day. Set off for sea at noon, spend the day and night on the open water, enjoy some first-class deep sea fishing experiences, and arrive at home by noon the next day. You can sleep inside the air-conditioned cabin of the ship, or stay up all night catching those trophies, the choice is yours! The boat is equiped with every modern convenience you would expect. Visit our "About the Boat" page for more information about what you can expect.

We do not visit fish the Tortugas on the 32 and 24 hour trips because of distance.Download the sample contract for additional information. We will send you the official contract via email.

What to Bring: All you need to bring are fishing tackle, snacks, drinks, and hygiene and sleeping items. The captain will provide the rest.

Cost: $3000

Deposit Policy:
A 50% deposit is due 2 weeks after you make your reservation.
A reservation may be held 7 days without a deposit. After 2 weeks the dates will be open to new inquiries. A confirmation letter (contract) will be emailed to you when your deposit is received.

The confirmation includes directions (also on the site) parking instructions, company policies and the balance due.

Please include the dates of the trip in the memo blank of your deposit check along with all contact numbers, especially cell number.

Mail Deposits to:
Captain Eddie Griffiths Charters
36 Key Haven Road
Key West, FL 33040

Capt. Eddie Griffith: 305-587-3437

Dates will be held for 7 days with no deposit, if no deposit is received and no communication takes place after 7 days, the dates will be open for new inquiries.

Space is very limited, especially weekends, so don't delay. Sometimes two parties will send checks for the same date, if this happens, the check with the earliest post mark will be accepted and the later deposit will be returned. We do not accept multiple checks, send one check only. Remember to write in your dates in the memo blank on your check in case the check gets separated from other records. Always include your phone number and any other pertinent information.

Cancellation policy:
No Refunds.
Parties must show up at the dock the morning of departure. If our wind gauge reads over 25 mph (we do not trust the weather service, they are very unreliable), we will postpone for one day. If winds continue over 25 mph we will reschedule - however, the trip MUST BE taken before year end.

If the winds are 20 to 25 mph we will fish protected waters of the Marquesas Keys and surrounding reefs. Weather is not a concern in our area; we can always find places to fish where it is comfortable and enjoyable.

We do not visit Fort Jefferson National Monument in winds higher than 15 to 20 mph. We do not postpone trips because of rain (the fish do not mind!). We have a full awning. Policy varies during the off season (we have other open dates to reschedule). We do not have this option during the season and peak season.

If you wish to postpone a trip that you have already reserved, you would have to notify us AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE. In that case we will reschedule for another date before year end with the exception of peak season (April through July).

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